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BNF Habu

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Parkzone’s Habu EDF Jet is just what intermediate to
experienced pilots have been looking for. This semi-scale
electric ducted fan model takes sport flying to a whole new
dimension with a plane that combines blistering speeds,
crisp and precise aerobatics together with forgiving slow
speed flight characteristics for landing.

At the heart of the Habu’s fantastic performance is the
outstanding power of E-flite’s BL15 3600Kv brushless
ducted fan motor coupled with an E-flite Delta V ducted fan

This dynamic combination generates more than enough

Thrust for out-of-sight vertical performance and thrilling high-
speed passes.

The Habu also boasts a remarkably wide flight envelope and
with its relatively light wing loading the model has very forgiving
slow speed handling. That means when it’s time to throttle back
and line up for landing, pilots used to flying faster, heavier
sport planes will be able to perform “high alpha” nose-high
landings. For take off’s the model can be flown from hard
surface using the optional landing gear, or the gear can be left
off and the model can be easily hand launched and landed
back on the grass.

Product Code: PKZ7080i

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