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Glasair Sportsman RTF


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HobbyZone has taken the concept of high wing training aircraft to a whole new level with the introduction of the Glasair Sportsman RTF.

Designed specifically for people that want to go the “teach yourself to fly” route the Glasair trainer features the most advanced on-board electronic technology to help novice pilots achieve success. Described as a “virtual instructor system” the automatic 2-axis stabilisation system helps pilots during turning, landing and also limits the degree of bank helping to avoid the risk of the model rolling to the inverted position; the areas of flight where novice pilots need the most assistance to avoid getting into premature difficulties.

Constructed from HobbyZones’ durable Z-foam the model features an eye catching colour scheme, tricycle landing gear with steerable nose leg and a rubber band mounted wing that helps to minimise any damage during less than perfect landings.

Equipped with a full-range Spektrum-DX4e DSMX 4channel transmitter (TX) that offers interference free flight, the other major benefit of course lies in the fact that the TX offers a large airplane “feel” in the air and it can also be used with a multitude of other Bind and Fly (BNF) models such as micro aircraft, helicopters and slow flyers, additionally the TX may also be used to control larger models as flying skills develop.

Aimed primarily at novices that want to teach themselves to fly the inclusion of a “proper” 4 channel transmitter means there is no need to purchase another transmitter when they want to progress to other types of “Bind and Fly” models or larger 4 channel RC models, the Glasair Sportsman RTF with its superb Spektrum radio system makes a great choice!


Product Code: HBZ7600

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