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Typhoon H RS ST16, CGO3+, Batt x2, RealSense, Optical Flow and Backpack

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Standard Sonic Collision Avoidance  - with all Typhoon H models

  • ST16 Ground Station with 7” HD 720p LCD Touchscreen and HDMI Output (All versions)
  • CGO3+ 4K Camera – with unlimited 360° rotation gimbal (12.4Mp Photos and 115° FOV)
  • Remotely Adjustable Camera Settings from ST16 while in flight
  • Retractable Landing Gear - for 360° unobstructed view
  • Foldable Arms
  • Quick Release Rotor Blades
  • In Flight Redundancy - 5 Motor flight
  • Auto Take Off
  • Curve Cable Cam – Fly a route, Memorise and Repeat (or reverse in flight!)
  • Multiple New Additional Flight Modes – Point of Interest, Orbit me and Journey Modes
  • Typhoon H RealSense Version 
  • TYPHOON H Pro with Intel® RealSense

    Following the hugely successful introduction of the Typhoon H,  Yuneec UK are pleased to announce the launch of two new items in the Typhoon H series.  The Typhoon H Pro and Typhoon H Pro with Intel® RealSense™ collision avoidance technology.


    TYPHOON H PRO with







    The Intel® RealSense™ technology, featured on the Typhoon H Pro, takes drone flying to another level with the introduction of intelligent collision avoidance technology.


    The factory installed Intel® RealSense™ R200 Camera and Intel® Atom™ processor module works seamlessly with the Yuneec flight control firmware to add dynamic intelligent obstacle navigation.


    Using a combination of specialised cameras and sensors, the Intel® RealSense™ system views its flight path and, while processing at 18 million depth-point calculations a second, learns and maps its environment in 3D, recognizing each obstacle, planning an alternative route and safely navigating around it.


    Be amazed and see the Typhoon H Pro with Intel® RealSense™ Technology and Wizard in action at



    One key element to the Typhoon H and RealSense™ abilities to avoid obstacles is that Typhoon H does not use its CGO3+ gimbal camera to view objects or their shapes. Typhoon H uses the multiple camera’s and sensors in the integrated RealSense™ R200 camera array to create its 3D map in real time, and then calculates the best routes around an obstacle. It is truly uncanny to watch RealSense™ in action, and adds an additional safety factor to all drone operations.


    The Typhoon H Pro RealSense™ module also includes Yuneec’s IPS (Indoor Positioning System) with its downward facing sensors to improve stability, enabling flight indoors or outdoors close to the ground, even with poor GPS reception.


    When RealSense™ and IPS are combined with the other Typhoon H flight functions, such as 5-rotor Flight, Curve Cable Cam, Follow Me, Watch Me, Orbit Me, Point of Interest (POI), Journey mode and Dynamic Return Home it’s clear that it’s ahead of its time.


    Included with every Typhoon H is the ST16 Android driven transmitter with its; Wi-Fi 720p downlink to the HD 7” LCD touchscreen, remote control of camera settings, dual operator mode (with optional ST16), tablet functionality and, an HDMI output for larger screen viewing adding another capability to the already amazing Typhoon H.


    And now the ‘Wizard’ personal controller, for sport and action activities, is included in both the Typhoon Pro packages, what was already amazing just became truly unbelievable!


    The integration of the exclusive, ground breaking, Intel® RealSense™ technology and the inclusion of Yuneec’s Wizard takes Typhoon H Pro to another level of usability and sophistication not seen before, making it arguably the leading prosumer drone available in the market today.



    General Features Overview of Typhoon H:


    -  Sonic Collision Avoidance  - integrated into all Typhoon H models (RealSense® included in TYHBR only)

    -  ST16 Ground Station Transmitter with 7” HD LCD Touchscreen (All versions)

    -  CGO3+ 4K Video, 12MP stills Camera – with unlimited 360°Rotation Gimbal

    -  Adjustable Camera Settings from ST16 while in flight

    -  Retractable Landing Gear for 360° unobstructed view

    -  Foldable Arms

    -  Quick Release Rotor Blades

    -  In flight Redundancy - 5 Motor flight

    -  Curve Cable Cam – Fly a route, memorise and repeat (30 Waypoints and 30 missions)

    -  Multiple Additional Flight modes – Point of Interest (POI), Watch Me, Orbit Me, Journey mode etc.

    -  Battery Included (1pc TYHB & 2pcs TYHBP and TYHBR)

    -  Backpack Carry and Storage case (Included with TYHBP and TYHBR)

  • The constant ongoing development, of the upgradable Typhoon H, with constant firmware function updates and specialized new option modules, such as a Thermal Camera, will make Typhoon H the most demanded drone series on the market.

  • inc 1 extra battery and a back pack in pre orders only

Product Code: YUNTYHBRUK

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