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The Hyper MT Plus is now ready for shipping to various countries and will be on the market by March 1st around the world. Majority of the parts on the Hyper MT Plus are compatible with the Hyper MT so there will be no difficulties finding the parts.

The difference between Hyper MT Plus and MT is that the steering system on the MT Plus has been refined for better handling and precisioncy when controlling the truck. Re-enforcement has been added to the steering system to make it tougher and long lasting

. The qualities of the metal and plastic material used throughout the truck have been upgraded to make the truck more robust with much better impact resistance. Last but not least, the Hyper MT Plus has an all new fresh appearance with a redesigned truck body and 6-spoke  rims to make the truck stand out from the others.

Big Block Hyper 30 Turbo Engine, 2.4Ghz radio 18kg servos, Inline Polished exhaust and manifold 2 speed transmission 3shoe clutch w/ 14T clutch bell non-slider engine mount large steel brake disc dual stage air filter Double lock dust proof wheel flange hub center base roll bar front and rear aluminum shocks full aluminum chassis steel differential, gears, turnbuckles

you will need fuel, batteries and starting equipment  


Product Code: HOBAO MT

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