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Featuring a wide range of improvements, a huge jump in power and several option parts now as standard, the Savage X 4.6 is going to set the new standard for big block monster trucks. HPI designers and engineers have continued to improve the Savage X, making the best even better! The bar has been raised again, once again showing why it's the most popular big block monster truck in the world!

Building on the solid foundation of the genre-defining Savage line of HPI monster trucks which includes the tremendous Savage X SS, the Savage X 4.6 RTR features a huge list of improvements that make the toughest, strongest, most resilient and most powerful RTR Savage ever!Included with the Savage X 4.6 are two of our latest option parts: #86827 Alloy Diff Cases and new stronger brake disks!

The Alloy Diff Cases prevent damage to the internal diff gears front and rear, keeping the engine's horsepower where you want it - at the tyres!

Helping all the extra speed slow down are new red fibre brake disks, which are more fade-resistant than ever before and withstand the brutal punishment of the new F4.6 engine!Eight long coil-over shocks absorb anything type of rough terrain you throw the truck at, and beefy suspension arms and uprights can take the punishment of big-air drops and top speed runs over bumpy terrain. Keeping everything protected is the cool-looking anodized TVP chassis, which features a custom 'X' graphic. The enclosed radio box has been redesigned on the Savage X models as well, allowing you to add the #308 Battery Level Indicator and charging jack for the receiver battery.

The TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis plates have been modified at both ends in increase the truck's durability. Structural webbing was added to the central gearbox to improve its strength. Extra material was added to the skid plates and bumper struts front and rear to let the Savage X SS 4.6 take on crashes and jumps. The engine mount and engine plate are now thicker to give you more durability and endurance, especially when you're landing massive jumps!

Get that Savage X 4.6 engine going, and once again anyone watching will be surprised at its speed! With enough power to pull long wheelies with ease, the new F4.6 powerplant is designed for one thing and one thing only - huge amounts of horsepower! Nearly 3hp, in fact! Enough horsepower to get the Savage X 4.6 up to 45mph (73kph)! You want speed? You've got it!In one word, this new power plant makes the Savage X 4.6 - FAST! The F4.6 engine is a new HPI high-power unit with the proven HPI Nitro Star reliability, featuring 2.9hp from its .28 cubic inch displacement! A great-looking anodized solid aluminium cooling head looks the business and does a great job of keep the engine cool! Rough off-road terrain and extreme stunts are not a problem when this engine is on the case! The F4.6 features true ABC construction (Aluminium piston, Chrome-plated Brass sleeve), race-tuned 8 port tuning, an 7.5mm composite carburettor, heavy duty triple shoe clutch, plus a convenient Roto Start mechanism for easy starting. The F4.6 engine pumps out nearly 3 horsepower and sits on an improved engine mount and thicker engine plate to give you more durability and endurance, especially when you're landing massive jumps! Little changes with big effect!

Our designers didn't ignore the drivetrain, either. We wanted to make sure the Savage X 4.6 drivetrain could handle the extra power of the Nitro Star F4.6! The stock Savage drivetrain already features a permanent 4WD system and spins on rubber-sealed ball bearings, plus it features an adjustable 2 speed transmission. To add extra strength to all this, our designers added loads of improvements and extra features. The 17T clutch bell has been modified so it engages the spur gear with extra consistency. A steel spacer is used in the clutch bell, which provides more durability than the brass spacer. The adjustable slipper clutch features a slipper pad made from a more durable material, so there's less maintenance and more driving! Also, aluminium alloy diff cases are now standard on the front and rear differentials, which feature the HPI 4-gear differential. Finally, to make sure you can stop this beast as quickly as you might need to, the Savage X 4.6 is equipped with a new twin vented disk brake made from a space-age heat-resistant fibre material to give you fantastic stopping power!

With all this power and durability, the jumping ability of the Savage X 4.6 is totally unsurpassed by any other monster truck. With a top speed of over 70kph (43mph), hitting a ramp with something this size is something that absolutely must be seen to be believed! Backflips, forward flips, double backflips and more stunts are easy with this much power and control! Landing the truck is easy, too: big shocks absorb the landings and tough suspension parts take the abuse of jumping with ease.Head to any track in the country, and it's easy to see the HPI Savage is the most popular monster truck around. With unrivalled backing in the form of knowledgeable shop staff, fanatical owners, outstanding online support, plus a huge racing scene, the Savage is not only the most
popular big-block monster truck around, it's the best supported!

The HPI Savage. The most popular. The most support. The most options. The most fun!

With the Savage X 4.6, you get your choice of a pre-painted red or blue GT-2 bodyshell, or you can customize your truck with any of the clear or pre-painted polycarbonate bodyshells from the huge range of HPI Savage bodyshells! Choose from the cool Retro Collection or check out the ultra-modern set of bodyshells!



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