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Impulse 4S1P 3200mAh 20C Li-Po

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With such a bewildering array of Li-Po batteries on the market now, how do you choose the best? The answer is simple, the new 'Impulse' range has to be that choice. We tested many, many cells before deciding that the 'Impulse' range offered the right combination of performance, safety, quality and price. So many Li-Po battery manufacturers claim high 'C' discharge rates and then fail to deliver in practical use. You can be confident that the constant 'C' rating on the Impulse label is a true figure and you're going to get the performance that you need and expect. Performance is not the only story, the Impulse cells are constructed in a way that is much more resistant to 'run away' failures so characteristic of lesser cells of this type (Li-Po). The Impulse cells use a little more raw material to achieve this, at no dramatic penalty in terms of weight or size. There are smaller and lighter cells out there, but none offer this unique combination of factors that make them ideally suited to our model requirements. Just look at the pack construction method – The Impulse packs are all assembled using PCB boards to prevent unwanted 'shorting' that can occur in packs that just use tape. The security of the connections so close to where the tabs exit each cell ensures that flexing does not occur, which could result in the tab breaking. The ends of the pack are then protected using a small foam pad before a tough heatshrink sleeve is applied. Power cables are selected to suit the rated output and securely soldered to the PCB. The cables are then taped to the pack along its length to prevent flexing at the joint. The balance plug is common to all Impulse packs and is suited to most of the balance chargers currently in the market. It too is securely soldered to the PCB. Choose the best, choose 'Impulse'.

Capacity: 3200mAh
Max Continuous Discharge: 20C
A length (mm): 129
B width (mm): 45
C height (mm): 27
Connector: Lead only
Weight: 296g

Product Code: O-IM4S1P320020C

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