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Raptor30v2 kit/DEAL


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Raptor 30v2 kit ,engine, silencer,radio,gyro package. DX6I,TT39 ENGINE PIEZO GYRO,NICADS & CHARGER.

Since the introduction of the original Raptor 30 in 1998, many have been sold around the world. It has helped beginners master the art of RC helicopter flying

This model was designed and engineered by the World-renowned Mr.Shigetada Taya. It combines elements of his previously successful designs with today’s advanced technologies. This is truly a versatile model helicopter for everyone.

The Thunder Tiger team of engineers and test pilots have collected feedback from around the world and have made the Raptor 30 an even better helicopter. New molds and tooling for parts and many other areas have subtle changes to increase strength and durability. All production parts use the most modern technology available to meet the standards as set forth by ISO-9001. In the last few years we have spend time and resource to develop a new Thunder Tiger PRO-39H(R) engine for the Raptor 30 v2 and other 30 size helicopters. Available in ARF or kit form, the new Raptor 30 v2 and the PRO-39H(R) engine will provide you with many hours of enjoyment.


  • Heavy duty collective pitch arm
  • Enlarged engine starting shaft from 5mm to 6mm
  • Aerodynamic canopy for faster flights
  • Metal alloy spring steel clutch with larger diameter
  • Elevator control arm enhanced to eliminate flex
  • Extended fan shroud increases cooling effectiveness, and strengthens
    the forward sideframe stiffness at the same time
  • Main rotor blade spindle enlarged to 6mm provides solid hovering, responsive
    3-D performance and consistent blade tracking
  • Main rotor blade radial and thrust bearings enlarged from 5mm to 6mm for more
    precise blade pitch control
  • Thicken the steel ball mounting area on the flybar paddle control arms by 0.5mm
    eliminates any flexing under extreme 3-D flying
  • Tail rotor grips are the same as the 60 providing more solid control,
    and larger tail rotor diameter
  • Vertical tail fin lengthened by 10mm to protect tail rotor blades during
    rough landings, and re-enforced with ribs
  • Swashplate re-designed for longevity and minimal freeplay
  • Fuel tank resigned for Raptor .30 v2 with 340cc capacity
  • Tank reduces aircraft CG shift and carburetor sensitivity
  • Rugged aluminum tail boom supports with plastic ends eliminate
    fatigue and cracking
  • Larger volume 30-size muffler for increased power and low noise
  • Re-designed and strengthened sideframes increase crash survivability,
    and reduce engine vibrations
  • New frames use Raptor 60 style heavy duty double ball bearing for engine
    starting shaft. Frames also include built-in molded clips for gyro wire


  • Full Length of fuselage: 1150mm (45.27")
  • Full width of fuselage: 140mm (5.51")
  • Total height: 400mm (15.75")
  • Main rotor dia: 1245mm (49")
  • Tail rotor dia: 260mm (10.25")
  • Gear ratio: 1:9.56:4.57
  • Full equipped weight: 3000g (6.6 lbs)

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