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  • Completely assembled with HL400 H/Lock gyro, 4 servos, carbon blades
  • Includes brushless 440 motor, 25A ESC, gold connectors, 20C 1800 Lipo
  • 3-cell balancer charger (12V AND 240V) with individual cell LEDs
  • Heavy duty 240V UK mains power adaptor, blade caddy
  • Some like it smokin'...
    The new CCPM RTF 3D Storm has been designed to turn up the heat and take pilots to the next level in 400-class expert 3D.
    The factory-assembled model features ballraced control systems, machined anodised swashplate centre, driven tail, belt tail drive, thrust-raced rotor head and is kitted out with the new HL400 Heading Lock gyro - plus carbon blades and 3D tail surfaces - right out of the box!

    Designed for intermediate to expert 3D enthusiasts who know what they want, chew chilis and already have their radio system of choice; the 3D Storm is an uncompromising expert-class factory-assembled model - so hot it'll make even a vindaloo with attitude turn pale.
    Don't be misled by the gazoondling low price - this is one mean, specced machine that kicked 'Awesome' in the jalapenos, buried 'Cool' then smoked their stuff!

    With the Storm you get the world-renowned Twister quality - just ask anyone who's owned a Twister - plus contest-class heading hold gyro (with standard dual rate mode too), beautiful woven carbon main blades, plus CNC'd 3D tail surfaces to give your tail and sideways manoeuvres a little extra heat.

    Anodised red boom, skid, etc components with red tails.
    So if you can take yer chilis smokin' - get a Storm!
    ...just hold onto yer jalapenos - and yer stuff!
  • Setup tables for popular radios included
  • Top class driven tail with ballraced tail crank & ballraced belt drive
  • The ultimate smokin' RTF 400-class heli - hold onto your jalapenos!
  • Just add transmitter and receiver - everything else is included!

Product Code: 6600090

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