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HP10722 - 1/10 RTR Electric Touring Car Drift Mazda RX-7

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Introducing the HPI E10 Drift ! The E10 is t he la tes t RTR-spec touring and drif t machine from HPI, and will dazzle you wi th i t's ease of use and grea t looks!
The E10 Drif t is a four-wheel drive, fac tory-assembled, fully prepared 1/10 t h scale drif t car from the same world-renowned HPI design         team tha t is famous for user friendliness, racer appeal and usabili ty. Aimed squarely a t the new or casual RC car hobbyis t , the E10 Drif t will amaze you wi th  i t's easy driving quali ties and graceful drif t driving!

S tunning Looks
The firs t thing tha t will s trike you abou t the E10 Drif t is how grea t i t looks on the ou tside. Amazing quali t y bodyshells, craf ted t o perfec tion by HPI's in-house craf tsmen, are a trademark of HPI's commi tmen t t o quali ty. Unique wheels in today's la t es t JDM s tyles and realis tic-looking drif t tyres in long-las ting rubber compounds are grea t addi tions t o enhance the realism of the E10 Drift.

Each bodyshell supplied wi t h t he E10 Drif t is painted in brigh t colours tha t you can see a mile away. These are the same bodyshells tha t concours winners around the world have used t o win trophies and medals! Applied carefully to t he ou tside of the bodyshell are fully de t ailed decals of headligh ts, tail ligh ts, ven t s, scoops and grilles for a to tally really look tha t will truly impress your friends. The body pos t holes and aerial opening are pre-drilled, meaning there is no thing for you to prepare af t er opening t he box!

Rolling on shiny, fashionable chrome wheels, each E10 Drif t rolls on realis tic treaded rubber special drif ting tyres wrapped around brigh t chromed wheels tha t look fan tas tic rolling down the s tree t !

Looking inside the wheels, you will see brake discs tha t ro ta te wi th the wheel, and separa te brake calipers tha t s tay in place - de tails no t included on any o ther RTR car! This final s tyle touch helps se t the E10 Drif t apar t from all the o ther contenders!

HPI Quali t y RTR Gear
From t he beginning of HPI's RTR dominance, the equipmen t included in each HPI RTR ki t has been the bes t equipmen t tha t anyone could ask for. Wi t h t he E10 we do no t s top this trend of excellence.

Every HPI E10 car is equipped s tandard wi th a narrowband high frequency dual channel AM pis tol grip radio. The realis tic s teering wheel feel of t his t ype of radio encourages t he RC beginner to think of the E10 as a real car driving around a race course, and the feel of pulling back on the thro t tle trigger is jus t like s tomping on the accelera tor of a real car!

The HPI TF-1 radio transmi t ter fea tures in terchangeable frequency crys tals, a re trac table aerial wi th sliding cover, easy access to radio ajus tmen ts and simple ba t tery replacemen t .

Taking t he signals from the transmi t ter, t he HPI RF-1 receiver uses s t andard RC connec t ors t o send your con t rol signals t o t he SF-1 s t eering servo and EN-1 elec t ronic speed controller.

The RF-1 receiver and SF-1 servo have been used in many HPI RTR ki t s over t he pas t several years and have proven t heir reliabili t y and endurance many t imes over! You'll ge t long-range, reliable connec t ions be t ween your t ransmi t t er and car wi t h t he RF-1 and dependable s t eering ac t ion from t he SF-1 servo.

The EN-1 is our la t es t elec t ronic speed con t roller and fea t ures fully propor t ional t hro t t le con t rol as well as reverse. This means you have fine con t rol over t he accelera t ion of your car, so you won' t experience any sudden t hro t t le changes. Wi t h t he reversing func t ion you'll be able t o back your way ou t of t rouble, such as if you spin or crash and are facing a wall.

Providing t he elec t rical power t o t he car is a 1500mAh s t ick- t ype ba t t ery pack wi t h a s t andard ba t t ery connec t or. This will give you plen t y of run t ime for driving around an RC t rack, racing your friends or drif t ing in a car park! An overnigh t charger is also included which will safely and easily charge t he ba t t ery t o full capaci t y.

Powering t he E10 is t he s t urdy and reliable Sa t urn 27T mo t or wi t h s t andard ‘bulle t ' t ype connec t ors. A 27- t urn mo t or is powerful enough t o provide any RC beginner wi t h good accelera t ion and t op speeds, bu t no t so fas t as t o damage par t s in a crash or cause you t o lose con t rol.

Finally, because all of t he elec t ronics are s t andard-size RC componen t s wi t h s t andardized connec t ors, any or all of t he componen t s can be upgraded a t any t ime, or moved in t o a differen t RC vehicle in t he fu t ure. The E10 will accep t any s t andard 540-size mo t or in t he E10, and also any RC ba t t ery pack, of ei t her s t ick pack or side-by-side design.


Amazing Durabili t y
Beyond i t s grea t looks and dependable equipmen t , t he nex t impor t an t func t ion of any en t ry-level RTR car is t o be t ough! The E10 does t his very well, absorbing all t he abuse and damage you can t hrow i t s way. From t he drive t rain and chassis t o suspension and bodyshell, t he E10 is s t rong, durable and long-lasting!

The ligh t weigh t drive t rain fea t ures oversized driveshaf t s, shielded ball bearings and s t rong plas t ic par t s t o make i t long-las t ing and efficien t . The mo t or is moun t ed on a unique cam mo t or moun t t ha t is marked for easy gear mesh alignmen t . A large cover pro t ec t s t he spur gear, and a snap-on cover keeps rocks away from t he pinion and spur gear. The cen t ral driveshaf t has longi t udinal ribs t o preven t excess flex, and is ligh t weigh t t o provide maximum accelera t ion. The cen t ral driveshaf t t urns t he fron t and rear sealed gear differen t ials. From t he diffs, oversize ou t drives spin t hick dogbones t o each wheel, providing power and grip for maximum four-wheel drive action!

The suspension par t s (wishbones, shock t owers, uprigh t s and hubs) are all made from t hick, long-wearing durable plas t ic so you don' t have t o worry abou t making a few mis t akes from t ime t o t ime. A t ough servo saver does t he vi t al t ask of keeping t he servo's in t ernal gears in t ac t , and t hick s t eering arms connec t t he servo t o t he fron t s t eering knuckles t o pro t ec t t he many moving par t s of t he s t eering sys t em.

An ex t ra-wide solid fron t bumper pro t ec t s t he car from really hard crashes, and a closed-cell foam bumper keeps t he fron t of t he body in t ac t during ligh t impac t s. Pro t ec t ing t he rear of t he car is cool ven t uri-s t yle bumper t ha t looks like i t came righ t off a GT racing car!

Finally, making main t enance and rebuilding even easier, t he E10 doesn' t use e-clips anywhere in i t s suspension, because t he car uses a ‘cap t ive hinge pin' design!

Overall, t he E10 is super-s t rong and ex t ra-durable t o wi t hs t and t he rigours of driving on any kind of paved surface by RC drivers of any abili t y level!

Grea t Performance
Wi t h grea t looks, excellen t elec t ronics package and s t urdy build, you migh t t hink t ha t 's all t he E10 has t o offer, however t his car is a joy t o drive! The E10 t akes performance cues from previous HPI championship-winning cars and durable design elemen t s and bring t hem all t oge t her for a t o t al package t ha t is fun t o drive, t ough and fea t uring grea t performance!

The underside of t he chassis is fully coun t ersunk, which means i t 's comple t ely fla t for driving over smoo t h or rough t armac, and no screws s t ick ou t t o ca t ch on any debris t ha t migh t be on your driving surface. The s t rong t ub shape helps keep rocks and o t her debris ou t of t he chassis, keeping t he car cleaner for easy maintenance.

Giving you t he wides t range of power op t ions, you can fi t any s t andard 540-size mo t or in t he E10 - t hese are t he hobby mo t ors you can find a t any model shop. You can also fi t any 5-cell or 6-cell ba t t ery in t he car, of ei t her hobby s t ick pack design or t he racing side-by-side design.

Finally, t he E10 Drif t is se t up righ t ou t of t he box for easy handling, op t imised for easy drif t ing and ligh t handling. I t 's easy and fun t o learn driving your model car when i t 's t he HPI E10!

Easy repairs
Wi t h famous HPI quali t y and suppor t , plus proven HPI elec t ronics, you will ge t a fan t as t ic RTR value from t he E10. Spare par t s and replacemen t s will be easily available t hrough t he HPI dis t ribu t ion ne t work for years t o come - t his is no t oy s t ore car! Every piece of t he car is replaceable, and ordering any spares can be done t hrough your local model shop.

Requires: 8 AA ba t t eries


Product Code: HP10722

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