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Hornby Elite Digital Control


Product Information

The Hornby Elite Digital Controller is the unit for those who wish to take their train control to a new and advanced level. The Elite is more than capable of answering the needs of most railway layouts.Twin control with press switch functions, 17 button keyboard, wide function LCD screen display and a 4 amp transformer plus the capabilities of registering 254 locomotive addresses as well as 255 accessory addresses, and that includes point control.Also there is a USB portal for linking to a computer and the internet! The Hornby Elite is quite literally designed for the model layout that demands more control. Now this is the way to run a railway!


The 17 button keyboard includes not only buttons 0 - 9 keys which are alpha numeric, but other keys marked Locomotive, Accessory, Function, Lights, Menu, Escape and of course Stop!

These multi function keys provide the basis for the programming and functioning of up to 254 locomotives and 255 accessories including points.The keyboard has the capability of entering into the units memory the names and numbers of locomotives and accessories as well as inputting the various functions that the Hornby Elite offers.

Rotary Control

The Hornby Elite Digital Unit incorporates two rotary controllers which not only control the assigned locomotives but also assist in registering each model and accessory to the Elite.The controls are able to do this by a simple click and turn procedure. This method is also employed to add names and locomotive numbers to the Elite display so that in place of locomotives being identified with just their coded number abbreviated names and / or running numbers can be used. The pressing of the Rotary Controls can also determine which knob has control, the direction of the locomotives travel plus point motor activation. These are just a few of the functions that are associated with the Rotary Controls, however they do go some way to illustrate the technical advances that the Hornby Digital Elite boasts.

LCD Display

The liquid crystal display centred on the Elite has 2 rows of 8 characters, train direction indicators, a speed indicator, and a set of 13 numbers which are 0  12 which show the functions that are switched on in respect of locomotives under direct control. A clock is also included on the display which can be set to real time or can be set up to 10X faster. Working with the Rotary Controls the display will be able to keep the operator fully up to date with the functioning of the Elite.


The Elite is supplied with a 4 amp transformer. 3 amps is passed directly to the tracks and 1amp is for the Accessories, thus the Elite is capable of providing enough power to run at

any one time approximately 10 locomotives depending on how power efficient the locomotives are.

  • Multiple train control on all parts of a model railway layout with minimal wiring.
  • Independent control or double heading control.
  • Coaches with lights stay lit even when the train is stationary
  • Realistic train movement with each model able to be given level 1  99 inertia settings with the Select and a staggering 255 levels with the Elite.
  • LCD display shows at a glance which locomotive is under control and with the Hornby Elite even more information is available.
  • Locomotive decoders are simple to code and program.
  • The keyboard is straightforward to use making assigning a locomotive simplicity itself.
  • Point operation means fewer wires than with conventional control and no switches!
  • Facility on the Select for a larger 4 amp power pack. More power, means more trains running at one time!
  • Designed to be NMRA compliant.
  • The Hornby Elite supports RailCom ID detection
  • Both the Select and Elite will support 14, 28 and 128 Speed steps.
  • Xpress Net socket for layout development.
  • The Select may also be used as a Walkabout companion to the Elite.

Product Code: R8214

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