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Flyeaglejet ARF Rafale


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Product Information

Length: 65" (1660 mm)
Wingspan: 45" (1140mm)
Weight: 15-17Lbs(7.0-7.5kg)
Power: 13Lb (6kg) thrust
Radio: min.4 ~ 6 Servos required

No.1   Rafale its fuselage and wingspan are all made of high complex material , the part of insulation are made of high navigate woods block ,its fuselage adopt import Italy four colour high painted finished
      A complete Landing Gear (including retracts, oleo legs, wheels, struts and brake)

No.3      Dual wall exhaust pipe
No.4      Fuel tank
No.5      Air Kits (including air tanks, lines, T-fitting, retract valve, brake valve, fill valves)
No.6      Gear Door set
No.7      Hardware set
No.8      Water transfer printing decal
No.9      Transparent canopy
It will come with a cockpit (twin seat and pilots) and 2 tip missiles.

Product Code: RA104(1/9) RED/SILVER & WHITE

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