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 KingTech G series, a true Fuel Start turbine, will start and run on Diesel, Kerosene and JetA. G series have both solenoid valves built into the front cover, with a single fuel feed that eliminates at least 8 fuel connections upstream to the turbine, making a clean engine install a very simple task.


Diameter: 95.25mm ( 3-3/4" )
Length: 254mm ( 10" )
Weight: 1304g ( 2 lb. 14oz. )
Maximum RPM: up to 145000
Thrust: 8618 g @ 21.1° C. ( 19 lb. @ 70° F. )
EGT: 650° C max
Fuel consumption: 239 g / min ( 8.46 oz / min )
Fuel: Diesel, Jet A1, Kerosene
Lubrication: 5%
Maintenance cycle: 25 hr

Product Code: K-80G2

Customer Reviews

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Was a bit cautious and suspicious to start with due the the low price, so did my usual and had a good search on the internet for reasons not to purchase one of these engines, I didn't find any. Now done 4 test runs and had 7 flights on the back of a Reeves Super-reaper without as much as a hickup, well chuffed.

John Thompson :: 07 - 07 - 2012 | 23:57

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