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E-flite Blade SR

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After mastering the basics of coaxial flight with a Blade mCX or CX3, you can now make a smooth transition to a CCPM (Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing) helicopter with the superb ready-to-fly single-rotor Blade SR.

Every aspect of the Blade SR has been set-up to help the novice single-rotor pilot achieve flying success without the usual drama normally associated with larger single rotor helicopters.

The Blade SR comes out of the box fully assembled and pre-programmed to provide a softer climb, pitch and roll response around the center of stick movement making it a perfect choice for pilots looking to advance their helicopter flying to the next level, outdoors!

This robust, micro-class, collective pitch (CP) helicopter combines the CP Pro 2’s proven Bell-Hiller rotor head and direct-drive tail rotor making it an ideal transition between the more basic coaxial helicopters and outright 3D helicopters like the Blade 400.

The Blade SR is large enough to fly outdoors even in slightly windy conditions and with its pre-installed E-flite G110 Heading Lock Gyro reducing the pilot workload with its excellent heading hold capabilities, the transition from coaxial to single-rotor control systems is much smoother and easier to handle.

Perfectly set-up for single-rotor basics the Blade SR with it’s two-piece plastic-moulded frame can easily endure the bumps and bruises that go along with learning to fly larger micro-class, outdoor-capable helicopters.

More forgiving and easier to master than most conventional CP (collective pitch) helicopters thanks to it’s lower head speed and “tamer” set-up, the ready-to-fly Blade SR is the perfect choice for anyone moving up to outdoor helicopter flying.

Product Code: EFLH1500

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