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The first member of our all new generation VT engines, most advanced and user friendly of its class.

  This new generation engine from Jets-Munt turbines reduces the installation effort to a minimum, greatly reducing the chance of installation errors and wiring failures.

  The ecu, an all new generation design, is integrated inside the engine, together with the RPM sensors, temperature sensors and valves.

 This revolutionary feature, another worldwide first from Jets-Munt, reduces the external components to be installed to only the fuel pump and filter, enabling a very easy swap of the engine between different airframes.

 Install kit is reduced to the fuel pump only.

 Besides all the improvements on electronics, Jets-Munt have made a big investment effort in tooling, procuring  and manufacturing processes to be able to reduce the total weigh and price significantly compared to other engines in its class.


   -An all new ecu design with a state of the art, powerful processor. More user friendly, easier to setup.

   -The increased processor power enables the ecu to check the engine parameters and processes 500 times a second for a smooth and precise control, fast startup and precise RPM control. RPM measurement resolution is now 10RPM and EGT is read with a precision of 0.5ºC.  

  -The "black box" function stores the relevant parameters from the engine once each 0.5s, keeping the recorded data of the last  50 minutes of the engine run time, independently of the number of startup cycles.

   -Automatic battery  detection:  Supports 7,4V Lipo and 9,9V A123 batteries  automatically.

-Integrated sensors:   The sensors are contained in the same board as the ecu, reducing the possibility of a connection/wiring error or failure to a minimum, this is the cause of the most usual problems. The temperature sensor is installed internally on the engine, protected and reducing the possibility of damage.

   -Integrated valves:  The solenoid valves are part of the  fuel system inside the engine, reducing the tubing and wiring to a minimum, reducing cost and reducing greatly the possibility of failures and installation errors.
    -Ecu, sensors, fuel igniter and valves can be replaced  without full engine disasembly, making the maintenance very easy.

  -New  fuel pump. Manufactured by Jets-Munt, the fuel pump include a ball bearing motor for long life and precise fuel control. Thanks to this innovative design, the fuel pump can be installed in vertical position or in a bulkhead, without the need of a special support.

Engine Key features:
The small engine size and design has been engineered focused specially on a reliable and easy to operate engine for the new users to  turbine models. The engine has a thrust output of >80N (>18lb)  ideal for the common trainers like Boomerang jets, and capable of to power adequately models up to 12kg weight.

 Special attention and care has been taken during the development to ease of use and the installation in the model and to increase the reliability to maximum.

The internal kerostart system is of a all new design that completes the start procedure  fully automated and in a record time of  a average of 45s from  the pilot command to the engine running at idle ready to take off.
The engine has a low operating temperature for a long life and fast acceleration time, to ease the control of the plane in critical situations like a go-around.

    Weight of a engine is an important feature, especially for tail heavy planes. JetsMunt have made a big effort to compensate for the weight of the integrated components. The end result is that the weight of the engine including the ecu and valves has been reduced from other models of similar size to only 950gram.(2.09lb).  As the external components needed for the operation of the engine have been reduced to only the fuel pump, the total installed weight of the installed engine, including the engine support,  fuel pu
mp and fuel filter, is only of 1.080gram (2.38lb). Including the suggested battery (not supplied) (7,4V/2500mAh Lipo) the total weight rise to only 1.215gram.
The VT80 can use non toxic oil, like 2T oil (JASO FC or better) to keep the environment clean and to not arm the user and bystanders health,  it is an easily available locally.  Diesel fuel is permitted, but at the time of writing, long term tests are still in progress.

       Thanks to the low operating temperature, engine maintenance intervals can be increased. Standard service interval is recomended at 25h. Our experience is that engine life and maintenance interval is greatly influenced by the conditions of use. Use in sandy and hot conditions (no paved runaways, airfields close to beach or desert, engine intake in the bottom of the plane (i.e. F-16) exercise a great amount of  wear in rotating parts, so in these case we recommend shorter service intervals. Clean use can extend the service intervals  easily to 50h.


 Guaranteed  thrust in ISA conditions:     80N (18lb) at 150.000 RPM
Idle thrust:               4.5N (1lb)

Idle RPM:                 45,000
Size:                         Diameter: 90.5mm (3.56”) Length 217mm (8,5")
Engine weight:         950g (2.1lb) . Including integrated ecu and valves
Installed weight:       1,075g (2,37lb) all included less battery.
Fuel:                        Kerosene + 4% oil (synthetic 2T motorcycle oil or turbine oil).
Fuel consumption at 80N: 220g/min 

Starting mode: Direct Kerosene . fast startup, typical 45s  from start command to engine ready to take off.
  Includes engine , fuel pump, fuel filter, data terminal and mounting strap. These are all the necessary items to run the engine,  less the battery (available on option) and fuel tank.

Product Code: VT80BL

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