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E-FLITE BLADE 130X - BNF Heli Kit on offer.

The Blade 130 X is the only Bind-N-Fly, flybarless 100-class helicopter on the market with the convenience of a Bind-N-Fly package and the performance of a flybarless system. The Blade 130 X features the AS3X flybarless system, which provides stability, agility, control and power for the ultimate sub-micro heli experience both indoors and out. The Blade 130 X is capable of inverted flight and extreme 3D aerobatics such as loops, flips, rolls, funnels, hurricanes and tic tocs.

With its torque tube driven tail and variable pitch tail rotor coupled with its flybarless head design, the Blade 130 X is the highest performing helicopter in its class. It will be able to out perform the competition with its proven flybarless system, lightweight yet direct tail setup and the quality from Blade you've come to expect while still being offered at an affordable price.


  • AS3X flybarless unit with 3-axis MEMS gyro. Increases stability, agility, control and power, providing the ultimate sub-micro heli experience for indoor and outdoor use
  • Capable of inverted flight, and extreme 3D aerobatics; manoeuvres such as inverted flight, loops, flips, rolls, funnels, hurricanes, and tic tocs
  • Powerful 2S brushless power system provides excessive power for such a small helicopter
  • Variable tail pitch control resulting in more and better direct tail control, and reduced weight
  • Torque tube driven tail provides exceptional tail authority and high tail rotor efficiency
  • BNF: Convenient package requires no assembly, bind to a transmitter, charge the flight battery, and go fly
  • Durable design: Strong yet light weight design using plastic and carbon parts where possible, keeping crash damage to a minimum
  • E-flite 2S 300mAh lipo flight battery. Gives exuberant power to the main motor to pull through extreme 3D manoeuvres
  • E-flite Celectra 2S 7.4V DC Li-Po Charger: Single-port 12V DC lipo charger included
  • Symmetrical 135mm main rotor blades
  • Spektrum™ 2.9 gram linear long-throw cyclic servos and 2.9 gram linear performance servo included
  • Carbon Fibre main shaft and tail boom


Product Code: E-FGYI2S63

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